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March 16, 2010


Martha Baerreis

We are a family of American Designer/Craftsmen. Since 1972, we have made beautiful things in wood.. now our grown children are artisans as well.. working in glass, photography, music etc..

Over time, we have found that the traditional markets for artisans (art shows, galleries, art markets) have become inundated with items which (while wonderful and beautiful) were/are actually handmade by artisans from other countries and sold by jobbers. (who frequently exploit those artisans, and misrepresent the work as their own - another whole story)

Our access to market has been drastically reduced, and many of us live on the edge of society - often at the edge of poverty.

There is very little hope for emerging artisans to have access to market in America.

We sell online - we sell on ebay, etsy, amazon and our own web site - and we create many beautiful hair accessories for women (and some men) around the world. One at a time - shipped through the mail.

There are MANY like us in America - and I believe the craftsmen of America, like the Craftsmen who first set up the guilds in the 1500's hold the core of manufacturing LOST in America today.

martha baerreis
designs by baerreis

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Those are indeed beautifully made.

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