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November 07, 2007



I have been blogging for just a year now. It takes time, but it has been a great experience over all. I still have much to learn, so I look forward to reading your series on blogging!

Lisa {milkshake}

I started blogging in August and love it. I intended to use it to talk about my work, but has become more about my daughter than the actual business. I would love to hear some tips on how to keep it interesting and still write about creativity and creating. I find that when I write about work I don't get as many comments!


I agree that developing your voice in your blog is really important. People love to know more about artists and their lives, and blogs are the perfect medium. I write about my jewelry business, but also about other things I make and thoughts on life in general.

Luann Udell

It's been five years this month since I started my blog. Here's a link to that very first post:

I've learned a lot since then--how important it is to blog regularly, and how to create a distinctive voice for your writing. I've also learned how important it is to be able to easily search and organize blog content, which is why I moved mine to Wordpress earlier this year: http://luannudell.wordpress.com/

But the most important thing I've learned is, you can always learn MORE. And so I look forward to your new series on blogging.

Keep up the good work!

Pam Older

Thanks for the great tips for independent jewelry designers.
They are always helpful and my website, www.pamolderdesigns.com continues to be a great success thanks to the information you inpart.

Mira Woodworth

I started my blog years ago so that I might track my own evolution as a glass artist. I'm looking forward to your series on blogging!



I have a blog focused on shibori, ENTWINEMENTS.


I started http://www.pareuresparlor.com early this year. My blog is a resource for jewelry consumers. I offer cleaning and care tips, metal and gemstone composition information, etc. And, I use my blog to get feedback from consumers relative to what guides their decision to purchase as well as feedback on new designs. I, also, invite questions from consumers.


I started a blog about a year ago as well to help promote my glass bead jewelry, and becuase I wanted a public space to share my thoughts and musings with customers and friends. I started with blogspot, but just recently swithced to wordpress, when I got a new website.
I love the idea of being able to connect with other artists and potential customers through a blog. It's fascinating to see into the minds of other creative people.
I am having a hard time marketing my blog; it seems that a lot of people don't comment or don't know my blog is out there. So I am looking forward to this series on blogging.

Kelly Darke

I have a couple blogs - one I maintain with my brother Colin (http://www.kellydarke.blogspot.com) where we talk about our individual art projects and our collaborative project called Sibling Revelry. I also have a blog for Art Therapy at http://www.kelly-darke.blogspot.com

it's always good to hear more advice on how to get a blog going. It was difficult at first because I felt like I was talking to myself - but, now my brother and I are posting more frequently and enjoying the process a lot.

Kelly Darke

I messed up my blog link, here is the correct one:

Jeanette Zeis

I recently started a blog.

I'm trying to update more often and am interested in reading the "blog series."

John Zentner

i started my blog last winter and have been enjoying the ease of posting on it. first, i improved my photo taking skills and reccomend that to anyone thinking about starting a blog. afterall, we work in visual mediums and it behoves us to have the best looking photos possible.

Todd Fillingham

Cool, I'm glad you think a blog is worthwhile as I just started one a few weeks ago.

Todd Fillingham

Cool. I'm glad you think a blog is worthwhile as I just started one a few weeks ago.

Don Olney

I love blogging. I started it as a marketing thing, but it has evolved into a whole variety of things, from granddaughter pictures, to daily life observations, to new designs, but I find lots of customers seem to check in regularly. I think it helps make Cheryl and me even more personally connected to the folks who like our work. My neice and nephew even read it!

Linda Cline

I just started a blog last month to share my textile art both completed work and work in progress. Thank you for an informative article.

april mccrumb

I've been marketing my retail gift gallery by blogging for a year and the results have been fantastic! It helps me connect with my customers, allows me to promote special sales or events and highlight new & interesting products. I link it right from my retail website: www.catchingfireflies.com (I even won a Retail Excellence Award this year from Gifts and Dec Magazine for my bricks-n-clicks marketing integration)

Kimberley Walton

I think that blogging is something that is not only important for someone to have who has a product or service to sell, but since I created my blog Modern Impressionist, I have learned so many new techniques and new things about how to promote my artwork on the web. It is a great tool in this technological age!

Deborah GB

I have been blogging for a little less than a year now. I really enjoy it. I already love reading, writing and technology so blogging was a logical next step for me. I have learned so much, found community and customers. Blogging has been a fantastic resource for promoting my artwork. My first blog, http://urbanwildflowerdolls.wordpress.com is a companion site to a website I am building about my dolls. My collectors really enjoy the site because it allows them to see what I am doing in my studio. My blog www.dgbquilts.wordpress.com allows me to showcase my studio art quilts. I usually update my blog about every 2 to 3 days.

Lyn Foley

I started a blog for the first time about a month ago - mostly due to the column you wrote here, "Why you need a Blog". So far, I haven't had many views. I am learning how to promote it, and my new shop on etsy.

I am a glass artist (lampworker) - selling at art festivals and in a few galleries, slowly discovering how to market on the internet.

Thanks for the tips.
The blog: http://www.LynFoleyLampwork.com
My main site: http://www.LynFoley.com

Burt Isenstein

This blog has been set up for a little more than a month. I'm probably not following many of the how to blog successfully rules, but I see my blog as more of a creative extension to experiment with. I'm interested in playing with aspects of the internet and the blogging format. The blog is http://nancyandburt.blogspot.com/
Our website is http://nancyandburt.com

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