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August 01, 2007


Kevin Dugan

Daniel - Thanks for the kind words and link.

Speaking of social networks, LinkedIn may be a bigger draw for your readers. It's been around longer and has always been a professional network. They just opened up their API so hopefully it will become as fluid as Facebook -- one of its more interesting qualities right now.

I'm more interested in social networks as a whole but am spending most of my time, obviously, on Facebook.

Emily Gibson

I'm so flattered that Unspun (http://unspun.shiftcomm.com) is one of your favorite PR blogs. The rest of the gang here is flattered as well.

I agree with Kevin about LinkedIn being a good way for the wholesale craft industry to dip their feet in the world of social networking. Facebook users are more open with their personalities, whereas LinkedIn users are extremely work focused.

Personally, I like the idea of showcasing my personality a bit more to my colleagues and the public relations industry. I think it allows us to learn more from each other and connect on another level, increasing our professional and life experiences.

I've been enjoying Facebook's photo features to keep in touch with what everyone has been up to this summer. Life moves so fast that it's hard to stay in touch all the time. Facebook has helped me to slow down and catch up - amidst the craziness.

Thanks for the link and keep on reading!


Brenda Griffith

Hi Daniel!

Now that I'm back from the Summer BMAC I finally have a chance to catch up on all my blogs--whew! (Really good show though.) I have a Facebook account and have set-up friends on it, but I haven't approached it at all from a business perspective. Maybe this fall (in addition to filling out my NICHE Marketplace space) I'll work on that. Isn't it funny how a few of years ago the big question was "Do you have a webpage?" and now an online presence is so much more--on-line wholesale offerings, web page, blog, Facebook, Flickr, Zapplication... Wonder what it'll be like in another couple of years!


I have a Facebook account but can't say that I've found anything useful to do on or with it. My original goal was to set up a group for all the generations of my family to share but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. In fact many things have made me feel uncomfortable-- in the profile filling out single, attached; date of high school graduation; sexual preference--- some of these same questions set off my alarms when an employer asks, why would I want to publish them here? Gave me the feeling that it is a internet mating promenade. I prefer somewhere people are valued for what they are doing or thinking.

Also there has been some critism of Facebook for hate speech directed at elders, see http://www.timegoesby.net/weblog/2007/07/facebook-elde-1.html

So what is Facebook supposed to do for my business that I haven't been doing with my blog, ENTWINEMENTS at http://entwinements.com/blog-mt3/ ?


I agree with Karen's statement, "I have an account but can't say I've found anything useful ..." ... that is my take too. Perhaps you have to be 19 to figure it all out?

Facebook is getting a lot of press lately. On the news here today about the founder being a very young man.

Linkedin is great. Good place for serious business owners.

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