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March 06, 2007


Todd Defren

Never ceases to amaze me when I learn that someone is a "regular reader" of my blog. Thanks very much for the kind words. - Todd


Hear, hear! Experience marketing is definitely the name of the game these days. And nobody's in a better position to tap into it than artists and artisans! Thanks for bringing it up today, Daniel.

Luann Udell

YES!! We're not just selling the work of our hands, we are selling our STORY--sharing a piece of our life with our customers. Excellent entry, Daniel!

Daniel Waldman

Todd--I love your blog, and your vision for PR!

Amy--I agree.

Luann--I think it's more than artist stories. Stories help sell product, no doubt, but it's more about the entire experience of being in the gallery. Have you ever walked into a store (doesn't have to necessarily be a gallery) and felt compelled to buy something because it was a cool store? Here's an example:

When I was a teenager, I remember the first time I went to a store here in Baltimore called The Big Iguana. I had heard about it and was intrigued. It was (and still is, I think) a store that specializes in clothing from South America (kinda like 10,000 Villages). When I finally found the store, I was so proud of myself and so excited about the products they had. I think I blew all of my money on a baja that day.

Another good example is a bookstore that provides couches and other comfortable seating. They know that if they can get you to rest your legs and read, then you'll probably buy a book.

Some galleries seem to do this better than others. I think we need to examine more closely what the shopping experience is, what is should be. What exactly do we want customers to experience when they come into our galleries?

This is certainly a topic worth exploring further.

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